About me

Originally from London in the UK, I began practicing yoga in 1991 as a way of coping with the pressure of my previous career as an Art Director in the advertising industry. I’ve been teaching yoga full time since 2003, and teach daily classes and workshops in Paris. I’ve also started to teach weekend workshops and retreats outside of Paris.


I’ve appeared on former cable T.V. channel Direct 8’s “2ème chance” programme about Yoga. My yoga classes specially designed for men who aren’t so flexible “Stiffman Yoga” was featured on France 5’s programme “Les maternelles”.

I wrote the “Petit mémo de yoga” (Fleurus/septembre 2006).


With thanks :

To all my teachers and first with immense gratitude to John Friend for his genius for creating this style of yoga so elegant . Also a thank you to my first teacher Shambavi without whom my yoga journey could not have begun.