to Yoga pieds nus

‘Pieds Nus’ in French means bare feet. Our two bare feet are the important foundation for finding optimum balance in a yoga standing posture, but also in our everyday life.

This site is designed to give you information about my teaching of Anusara Inspired Yoga in Paris, plus all the things that inspire my passion for the practice of hatha yoga.

Anusara is a powerful hatha yoga method that is playful and yet places great importance on alignment.

My classes are dynamic and I emphasize a vinyasa flow, while maintaining awareness of alignment, breath, and intention to connect with a bigger flow of energy. A session always ends with 5-10 minutes relaxation.

I’m very passionate and enthusiastic about yoga. Although a teacher, I see myself firstly as a yoga student and love to pass on and share what I’ve learned with my studies.

The yoga I teach is suitable for everybody, female, male, young, old, flexible or inflexible. I teach group classes open to all or private classes tailored to individual needs.

It would be a great privilege to practice together.

Simon Pyrke


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