The Anusara Yoga method was created in 1997 by yoga teacher ohn Frind. Anusara means “to be in the flow” or “flowing with Grace”.

Anusara yoga is fun and uplifting to practice, which at the same time places a lot of importance on good alignment in the poosture. Instead of following a classical yoga philosophy like most other hatha yoga methods, it follows a life affirming Tantric philosophy with a set of elegant principes for all posstures, which when applied, help refine the poses to create something of great beauty.

The benefits of yoga are vast. They include strengthening, relaxing and creating more flexibility in the body, improving and bringing new awareness to the breath, as well calming and concentrating the mind.

More importantly however, are yogas’s transformative effects. It helps us to awaken to our true selves, which affects the way we see the world and the people around us.